2017 No Dialogue International Film Festival Programme

Saturday October 28th

Doors open 7pm

Student Films from 7.30pm

Non Student Films from 9.30pm

Cinematic DJ Set from Torchy during intervals.

Bar open until late

Cinema&co 17 Castle St, Swansea, Wales, UK, SA1 1JF

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Head by Stav Levi

7.30pm (Duration 4.20)

A man decides to separate from his head.

Unfortunately, his decision has dire consequences.

Country: Israel



The Breakfast by Yulia Volkova

7.37pm (Duration 7.38)

Making breakfast at night in a kitchen where magic is happening is not so easy for a seven-year old boy.

Country: Siberia


Hypertrain by Etienne Kompis, Fela Bellotto

7.50pm (Duration 3.35)

On a train trip through spatial and temporal dimensions the traveller suddenly comes across himself. #cat

Country: Switzerland


We Need To Talk by Ron Jäger

7.55pm (Duration 8.02)

Very often in life, no words are needed to express human feelings.
Many issues appear to stand between the two protagonists in „We Need
to Talk“, while still uniting them in the end. Within a few minutes, the short film will create different illusions of what they need to talk about for every spectator.

Country: Germany


Delicatessen by Fenglin Chen

8.07pm (Duration 4.40)

A romantic relationship blossoms between a man and a woman when they first meet in a delicatessen. Their desires get projected onto the food, turning them alive, into uncanny mutated composite of limbs and organs.
A supermarket love story that plays with food as a metaphor of sensual desires

Country: Macao


Dinner by Aw See Wee

8.15pm (Duration 9.52)

It was during an ordinary sunset, on the same way home, where the old peasant found his astronaut son falling from the sky. And so the astronaut returned to his homeland after a long time away from home. The father prepared dinner for his son, which was not appreciated. On the table, they both had a lot to say, but the words never came out.

Country: Taiwan


Midlife Crisis by Alexey Naumov

8.30pm (Duration 15.46)

The hero passes through the personal conflict and crisis of relations among the absurdity of life and totalitarianism. He tries to understand is it him or the world that’s gone crazy and also attempts realizing his childhood dream of happiness.

Country: Russia


Sil by Oliver Endersby

8.53pm (Duration 14.42)

‘Sil’ follows a solitary urban drifter whose aimless night walks are led into the surreal when a mysterious light causes him to obsess over an idyllic landscape. The film blends elements of psychogeography and science fiction to explore the relationship between two contrasting landscapes. Based on H.G. Well’s short story ‘The Door in the Wall’.

Country: UK


Passions by Manuel Schuepfer

9.30pm (Duration 3.12)

A series about the secrect passions of Katto Maempf.
Part 1 and 2 (to be continued)

Country: Switzerland


AKITA by Alistair Cummings, John Hickman

9.35pm (Duration 8.10)

A down on his luck labourer finds a friend in a seemingly abandoned dog.

Country: UK


F’Arts Sake by Ross McFall

9.45pm (Duration 12.25)

F’Arts Sake is the slapstick comedic tale of Colin, a man with a singular obsession – a painting, that’s due to exhibit at the art gallery next to his office.
Through the barriers of sold out signs and a love tussle with his sleazy boss for a date with co-worker Claudia, Colin devises a master plan to see the picture he worships, with the woman he loves…

Country: UK


Stick To Your Gun by Joe Hitchcock

10.00pm (Duration 9.38)

A gun-loving woman aspires to cook breakfast for the man handcuffed to her bed, but first she has to stop a wild chicken from destroying everything.

“A seriously twisted variation on a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with a side of bondage. A wild blend of live action and animation.”

Country: New Zealand


Cork Man by Dawn Han

10.15pm (Duration 13.11)

A man with a hole in his head tries to hide his deformity until one day he crosses path with a mysterious stranger.

Country: US