The world's only dialogue free film festival!

The 3rd No Dialogue International Film Festival will take place at Cinema & co in Swansea, UK on April 25 2020. Submissions are now open. Submit your film using the FilmFreeway link and subscribe below for more details on our events.  

Click on the FilmFreeway link to apply to the 2020 Festival – April 25

2016 Festival – Feb 27


No Dialogue, Band Films and Bristol Crew held the world’s first dialogue-free film festival. We had over 1000 films submitted from all over the world and 27 screened at Band Films studio in Bristol on Feb 27 2016.

The evening was a quiet success with about 50 people attending in total and some great feedback on the films, the overall programme and the setup. We’re looking forward to doing a bigger and better one soon…


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