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Our 3rd festival will take place in Bristol later in 2020

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Featured Filmmaker - Dawn Han

We talk to New York filmmaker Dawn Han about her philosophy on film and fashion

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Featured Filmmaker: Will Hooper

We explore the inspired young mind of Will Hooper

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Featured Filmmaker: Andy Lambert

We talk to filmmaker Andy Lambert about The Mute Series

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No Dialogue is a platform for sound designers, cinematographers, composers, writers, directors, audio/visual artists and anyone who is tired of the ‘same old’.

Run by Filmmakers and film enthusiasts with a passion for film language and the art of creating meaning without words, showing without telling and leading without explaining. is brought to you by Torchy. We’ll be screening your best work on here and we’ll be curating festivals to show your most inspiring work at pop-up venues.


If you’re interested in showcasing your no dialogue work just click on the link below or email